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About Miss Auto

Hey there! If you own a car it is necessary to have some basic knowledge and functioning of your car to face unexpected issues.

Miss Auto was born with the success of Royal Swiss Auto opening 3 workshops in 12 months as the demand to service multiband increased. Knowing what will prolong the life of your car inevitably gives you the pleasure to enjoy your car or sell it while holding the most value.

Don’t Worry! I won’t overwhelm you with technical jargon, will provide you with more information in an easy and interesting way.



Miss Auto sort out the ways to make your auto repairs easier

Think about it , your car is your home away from home. When you purchased it, you would have only planned for the scheduled maintenance but with all mechanical parts there comes a day when they need replacing. You are in the right place, I can show you the simplest and affordable ways to make your auto repairs easier in the UAE



Researches about everything related to automobile industry

When you have a better understanding of why things get worse in your car and what you can do to get the best out of it then hopefully you will maintain it properly ,you will have to bring to the garage less and trust us when you do . If you are keen to learn more about the advancement in the auto repair sector but don’t want to sit scrolling through forums then you are at the right place.



Communicate the car care tips through the blogs and vlogs

Apart from the scheduled maintenance and automotive repair guidance, I like to make blogs and videos on latest car news, manufacturer car care tips, discounts and offers to keep our visitors informed about it. I’m here to tell you what to look out for and how to describe to the advisor/ mechanic as I realized a lot of customers really put off coming in until the worst is happening

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Science behind the car Smell

We often wonder where this car stench comes from?

Flat Battery Vs Dead Battery

What to do if your car has a flat battery?

Volkswagen ID3 & ID4

Specialties & Features

Worst time to buy a car

What's happening?

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My Services

Mechanical Service

Nowadays all the mechanical parts maintenance of your car has become quite easy, this is ultimately due to the latest diagnostic technology.

Mechanical Service

Get in touch with us to know all the modern approaches in mechanical services for your car.

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Electrical Service

Do you know? Electrical service maintenance in the timely and effective manner takes the greater part in vehicle performance.

Electrical Service

Check out our short list of electrical services we provide.

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Automotive Design

Have you ever thought about any creative process to improve the appearance of your car and make it stand unique among the crowd?

Automotive Design

Bring it to us, we will make it possible.

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My articles​

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Our parent organization, Royal Swiss Auto services has brought the modern approach in the automotive repair industry and made the automobile maintenance, servicing and repairs easier in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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